Hi, we’re Ft. Langley — we make films. 

We write, produce, and direct commercials, music videos, and shorts. email us ︎︎

Aidan Knight — All Clear
Feeling listless? Try Realm Therapy: a new age treatment featuring crystals and a metaphisical walkabout.

Relay for iPhone
Even the most downtrodden office drone can use Relay to plan the vacation of their dreams!

“The funniest ad for an app I've ever seen.” –Somebody on YouTube

Harrison – Your Girl (ft. Ralph)
Music Video
Harrison ︎︎
Crack a Ralph, grab some Harrison, light a Langley, and party on – your girls have your back.

“Have You Seen a Video as Gorgeous as Aidan Knight's ‘All Clear’ This Year?” –Noisey

Introducing Wake
Don’t be a dumb company, use Wake: keep everyone in the loop, ‘get money’. Simple. 

Foxwarren — Everything Apart
Music Video
Foxwarren ︎︎
A bomb, a team of spies, and a perfect plan. What could possibly go wrong?

“Both horrifying and wonderful.”  – Konbini

Slide Camera for iPhone
Even occult groups can appreciate the magic of 3D photos.

Holy Fuck – House of Glass
Music Video
holyfuckmusic.com ︎︎
After a long day of being President of the United States, Donald heads home to take a load off.

“Please invite us to the next rager.” – CBC

Manual Camera for iPhone
iPhone cameras are amazing but they can also be fucking stupid.  Use Manual Camera, capiche? 

Mouth Breather – Wonder Woman
A hobo chic deadbeat embraces life in the slow lane – living locally, on the road.

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