Aidan Knight — All Clear
Music Video, 2015 ︎︎
Feeling listless? Try Realm Therapy: a new age treatment featuring crystals and a metaphisical walkabout.

“Have You Seen a Video as Gorgeous as Aidan Knight's ‘All Clear’ This Year?” –Noisey

Relay for iPhone
Commercial, 2016 ︎︎
Even the most downtrodden office drone can use Relay to plan the vacation of their dreams!

Holy Fuck – House of Glass
Music Video, 2018 ︎︎
After a long day of being President of the United States, Donald heads home to take a load off.

“Both horrifying and wonderful.”  – Konbini

Introducing Wake
Commercial, 2015 ︎︎
Don’t be a dumb company, use Wake: keep everyone in the loop, ‘get money’. Simple. 

Mouth Breather – Wonder Woman
Music Video, 2015 ︎︎
A hobo chic deadbeat embraces life in the slow lane – living locally, on the road.

“Their visuals play delightfully against expectation.” –

Slide Camera for iPhone
Commercial, 2015 ︎︎
Even occult groups can appreciate the magic of 3D photos.

Aidan Knight — What Light (Never Goes Dim)
Music Video, 2016 ︎︎
A submarine crewed by a cohort of clones takes a detour into an alternate dimension.

“The funniest ad for an app I've ever seen.” –Somebody on YouTube

Manual Camera for iPhone
Commercial, 2014 ︎︎
iPhone cameras are amazing but they can also be fucking stupid.  Use Manual Camera, capiche? 

Slow Leaves – How Do I Say
Music Video, 2017 ︎︎
Dystopian life doen’t have to be all drab and sad. Happiness comes from within (an underground rave). 

Leisure Suit – LP1
Album Trailer, 2015 ︎︎
An isolating Norwegian winter sets the tone for an album announcement.

Double Vision [Unreleased]
Short Film, 2018
A couple tries to bring new romance, and technology, into their marriage, only to end up fundamentally questioning each other’s perception of reality.